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About Me
Hi, I'm Srujan (but you can call me Jack) and pictured with me below is my amazing dog Max. I'm a developer with years of experience developing web and mobile applications. I grew up in India and for my undergraduate degree I attended JNTU in Hyderabad. I decided to pursue my Master's degree in computer science and chose Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I completed my degree. I have since worked for companies such as Sears Holding Corporation, UBS, and Asurion.

I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, where I enjoy coding at local coffee shops in my free time. When not coding, you can find me enjoying life here in Nashville with my girlfriend. There is always tons to do here and I love visiting Nashville's local breweries (my favorite is Bearded Iris), going for a run with my dog Max in one of Nashville's many green spaces, grabbing pizza from Five Points Pizza, or hanging out with friends.

How MLCrunch Started

Ever since I encountered machine learning and applied it to computer vision, I developed a deep passion for the field. I dedicated my personal studies to learn more about artificial intelligence by reviewing ML models, algorithms, and OpenCV procedures from different blogs, books, and conferences.

It was difficult for me to find accessible and easily understandable information about machine learning when I started exploring the field; I felt like most blog explanations were from a mathematical standpoint. I decided to create to explain machine learning to developers in an easy, accessible format. I designed courses to guide users through explanations of machine learning that they can then apply to their work. My courses range from basic examples to real time applications. MLCrunch is a passion project and I continue to work on improvements to make sure MLCrunch as the most up-to-date information.

Mission of MLCrunch

My mission for MLCrunch is to bring machine learning content to developers in an understandable and easily accessible format. It is also my hope that developers who use my website can then take their new knowledge of machine learning and apply it to their work and personal projects. My content is free and I hope this allows more developers to engage with machine learning without prohibitive cost constraints.


MLCrunch wouldn't be possible without the support it has received during its creation and construction. If you'd like to support MLCrunch and its mission, there are several options below and we greatly appreciate your support. Thank you for being here and supporting this website.

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Are you a developer who is also passionate about machine learning and are interested in contributing to MLCrunch? Send me an email at if you'd like to learn more about being part of the site.

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Below are the tools I used to build this website.

Next JS
Next.js is on top of React plus other cool features such as dynamic routing, pre-rendering of client side and server side content, fast loading and fully extendable. If you haven't heard about Next.js, Its worth check it out here

I have created this application using Docker which can run on any cloud service. I took advantage of AWS services; AWS DynamoDB, Lambda, Fargate, Code build, Cloud watch, ELB and Route 53.

GCP (Google Cloud Provider) has an outstanding authentication service via Firebase. Google firebase is easy to integrate with few lines of code and simple to work with OAuth.

Butter CMS
Butter CMS is a headless content management system. It has react npm library to integrate with Next.js. Butter CMS is flexible to create/modify blogs outside the application.